3 Benefits Kids Experience By Attending Family Counseling During A Major Family Problem


All families go through problems, but there are times when families are faced with a major issue that could have negative effects on the children involved. While major family issues do not always cause problems for the children involved, they can in some cases. If your family is suffering because your spouse is struggling with an addiction, you may want to minimize the damage and effects on your children. Here are three benefits your kids might experience if you seek help for this issue by visiting a family counselor.

11 November 2015

What Every Parent Should Know About Shoulder Dislocation


When the upper end of the bone in your arm gets knocked out of the socket that sits at your shoulder, it's referred to as a dislocated shoulder. If you have a child who is particularly active, he or she may be at risk of or eventually suffer a dislocated shoulder. Here are some things that you need to know about dislocated shoulders to help your child heal. What Causes a Shoulder Dislocation?

29 September 2015

Never Never: What Not To Do When Going Through A Hard Time


The hardest part of life is staying happy and positive during a difficult time. Bad things happen to everyone. When they happen to you, you can tend to feel like your life is over. If you need some guidance to help you get through difficult times, here are things you should never do during a hard time in your life. Never play the victim It's easy to wallow in self-pity as the victim in your difficult time.

9 September 2015

How To Recover From Being Scammed By A Lover


In the early days of your romance, being with him or her was such a heady rush, you didn't stop to ask too many questions or listen to the little niggling voice in your head. Now that the truth is out, you are embarrassed, ashamed, broke, and wonder if you can ever trust anyone again. Here are six ways to begin to recover (and move on if you need to). 1. Seek couples counseling if there is a possibility the situation could be rectified.

30 July 2015

Tips When Starting Marriage Counseling


If things with your marriage haven't been perfect and you're having a hard time settling the issues, marriage counseling may be a great thing to try before you throw in the towel. A lot of people are able to find counseling beneficial, and it's a great gateway for communication. The counselor is a professional that can listen to both sides of the story, they can help you see each person's point of view, and they can give you great insight.

29 April 2015

How To Help A Grieving Child Cope Well


When a child loses a loved one, sometimes he or she has the most difficult time coping because of the lack of communication skills. Here are 3 ways to help a grieving child cope in a healthy manner. Counseling To start, your child to needs to work with a professional who can help him or her to feel safe when sharing feelings. Even if your child is too young to really express feelings in words, counseling can work wonders.

6 April 2015

Two Ways Your Past Can Haunt Your Current Marriage


It is common for marriages to have difficult times, and in the modern United States, marriage counseling is becoming an acceptable way to deal with rough patches. Many professionals say that marriage counseling is more likely to be effective if you seek help earlier in your marriage or even before you get married. Early intervention with a therapist not only gives you skills to deal with marital issues as they arise, but at a clinic like Associates For Counseling & Psychotherapy, they can help you identify and process these two ways that your past can sabotage your current relationship:

1 April 2015