Are You A Veteran And Now Depressed? Tips To Help You Feel Better


It can take time to readjust to daily life when you come home after a war. One thing you may deal with is depression. Keep reading to learn about signs of depression and treatment that is available for you.

Signs of Depression 

Not everyone that has depression has all the same symptoms. You may feel tired all the time even if you got enough sleep. You may not want to do things you normally love to do. If you feel like being alone much of the time and this is not normal for you, this can be a sign of depression. You will feel sad for no reason at all. 

You may notice changes in your appetite, such as eating more than you normally do or eating less. Feeling like you want to stay in bed all the time is another sign. If you need to go to work or need to mow the lawn, it may take a large effort for you to get up and do these things. Finding it hard to focus on things, feeling down on yourself for no reason, and feeling nervous or worried all the time are other symptoms you may have. If you become severely depressed, you may have thoughts of suicide.

Veteran Depression Treatment

There are doctors that specialize in treating veterans with depression. This doctor understands better what you went through while in war. The doctor may have gone through it themself or have family members that have. Because you are a veteran, you should have VA health care. If you do not, you can apply for this. If you do, ask your doctor for treatment advice. They may start you out on an antidepressant. If this does not work for you the doctor will suggest a therapist to go to. 

There are different types of therapies available. One type is known as talk therapy. This is talking with the therapist about what you are feeling. This can help feelings come out that you did not know were there. Often talk therapy is used along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy is determining what your negative thoughts and feelings are and help you deal with them in a positive way. You are taught how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Depression treatment does take time so plan on seeing your therapist for many weeks or even months.

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13 January 2023

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