How Can Stepfamily Counseling Benefit Families?


Stepfamilies are created when people with children combine their households through marriage. Stepfamilies can be a wonderful source of love and support, but members of stepfamilies also face unique challenges. Stepfamily counseling can help your new family succeed. Here are four things you can discuss in counseling to increase the harmony and connection in your family:

1. Parenting Styles

Family counseling can help families discuss the issues that impact the entire family. However, couples may also want to participate in private couple counseling sessions in order to discuss adult issues that affect their families. For example, it's common for people to have different ideas about the ideal way to raise kids. That's why newlywed couples with children can benefit from discussing their ideal parenting styles in therapy. Discussing your parenting values in therapy can allow your and your spouse to reach a consensus about the right way to parent your kids.

2. Authority

It can be difficult for stepparents to find their place in existing parent-child relationships. Some biological parents exacerbate this problem by undermining stepparents intentionally or accidentally. Discussing the ideal role of each member of the family can help children and parents accept the authority of a new stepparent. With the help of a counselor, a family can learn to work together to create power structures that work for everyone.

3. Love Languages

Love languages describe the way individuals best perceive care and affection from others. Learning to show your love in ways that your family members can recognize can go far in helping each member of your family feel appreciated. Stepfamily counseling can help family members learn to express care for each other. Therapy sessions provide a safe place for families to discuss their emotional needs so these needs can be met at home.

4. Difficult Feelings

It's not uncommon for children to have mixed feelings about their parents remarrying. Kids may hesitate to bond with their new stepparents out of feelings of loyalty to their biological parents. Some kids feel resentment toward their birth parents or their new stepparents, which can make them act out. Stepfamily counseling can allow kids and adults to air these difficult feelings in a safe and neutral space. A family therapist can help families discuss these feelings so they can be resolved. Talking through feelings of resentment, anger, and fear may not be a pleasant experience, but ultimately it can help families grow closer to each other.

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25 February 2022

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