Is It OK If Your Counselor Brings In A Supervisor?


An LPC supervisor is a person who oversees the work of counselors in a counseling session. They may not always be present during live sessions, and you may not even be aware that your counselor even has a supervisor, so it's wise to have a general understanding of how this type of specialist works.

What if your counselor brings in a supervisor during your session? Should you be concerned? Is it OK if your counselor brings in an LPC supervisor? Here are some things to consider if this happens so you aren't alarmed or have issues with the situation.

Your counselor has a contracted sit-in

Sometimes your counselor has regular sit-ins with their LPC supervisor because they have a contract to have their supervisors check in periodically. The supervisor simply sits in and listens to the sessions to make sure the counselor is doing all the right things to have their job and complete their sessions in an effective manner. They may have no insight as to how the sessions should be operated and they may not even make their presence entirely known other than to let you know they are listening in on your session as a courtesy to you.

Your counselor is newer and needs insight

When your counselor is relatively new and needs some insight as to how to do their sessions or handle a particular issue you have, then your counselor may have an LPC supervisor sit in for a little bit. Your counselor will want to make sure they are giving you the most thorough session and will work hard to ensure they are giving you the best results. The LPC supervisor may actually offer their counseling expertise as well so you have a doubled-up session for your benefit, or they may simply offer pointers to your counselor.

Your counselor is part of a case study

When your counselor is engaged in a case study, then you may become part of that, with your permission. If your counselor wishes to include some of your sessions as part of this study, an LPC supervisor may be called in to listen in on key points and ensure your session goes well and is essential to the study.

There are several reasons to have an LPC supervisor listen in on one of your sessions. Your counselor will do a wonderful job and can help you get the most out of your session so you can get the best mental health care.


6 July 2023

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