What Is Psychological Testing?


Psychological testing is a process of assessing an individual's behavior, thoughts, and feelings in order to arrive at a diagnosis or to better understand their behavior. This process usually involves administering and interpreting one or more psychological tests. Here's what you need to know.  What Are Psychological Tests? There are many different psychological tests, including: Intelligence tests. Intelligence tests are used to measure an individual's intellectual ability or capacity to reason, remember, and solve problems.

8 November 2022

Kids And Depression: How A Depression Treatment Program Can Help


Learning that your child is struggling with depression is a worrisome moment for many parents. You want your child to be happy and have a good life and may question why your child is depressed. Fortunately, help is available for childhood depression; a depression treatment program can help your child learn to overcome depression through a variety of methods. Understanding signs and symptoms of depression Unlike adults, kids may not show the typical signs of depression.

8 September 2022

Who Are Psychotherapy Services For?


When thinking of psychotherapy services, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that these services are for individuals with severe mental health issues or deteriorating mental faculties. However, psychotherapy treatment can benefit a wide variety of people and is not just for a select few. Learn what psychotherapy services are and who they serve. This way, should you ever need any counseling or therapy for your own needs or for a loved one, you'll have access to what you need.

5 July 2022

3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Participating In Child Welfare Donations Program


Aside from making profits and serving clients, your company also has a responsibility to the community. It's important to engage in community programs once in a while like charity donations, environment protection movements, and other programs that add value to the community. One of the programs your company could consider is child welfare donations, which focus on supporting needy children in the community. By engaging in such a program your business can support a great course that ensures needy children get education, food, shelter, or clothes.

28 April 2022

How Can Stepfamily Counseling Benefit Families?


Stepfamilies are created when people with children combine their households through marriage. Stepfamilies can be a wonderful source of love and support, but members of stepfamilies also face unique challenges. Stepfamily counseling can help your new family succeed. Here are four things you can discuss in counseling to increase the harmony and connection in your family: 1. Parenting Styles Family counseling can help families discuss the issues that impact the entire family.

25 February 2022