Counseling and Help For Your Troubled Teenaged Son


There could be many reasons as to why your teenaged son is rebelling and facing serious repercussions at school. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, experimenting with drugs, or dealing with an underlying problem that is causing unhappiness or anger could be to blame. If you have tried to help your son, but have discovered that he is becoming more distant from you, speak to a counselor who assists with troubled youth treatments.

24 February 2020

Benefits Of An Open Adoption


Open adoption is when there is open communication and interaction between the birth parents and the adoptive family. The birth parents may have regularly-scheduled visits with the child. Rather than a child being adopted and getting cut off from all contact between them and their birth parents, open adoption allows their relationship to continue in a healthy way. As adoption standards change over time, agencies are finding that open adoption is more beneficial than a closed adoption.

9 January 2020