Counseling and Help For Your Troubled Teenaged Son


There could be many reasons as to why your teenaged son is rebelling and facing serious repercussions at school. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, experimenting with drugs, or dealing with an underlying problem that is causing unhappiness or anger could be to blame. If you have tried to help your son, but have discovered that he is becoming more distant from you, speak to a counselor who assists with troubled youth treatments.

An Outside Source

A youth counselor may be able to get your child to open up and reveal what is causing the conflicts that have been affecting his schooling and relationship with you and other family members. A series of questions that relate to feelings, current events, past memories, and aspirations may help a counselor identify the trigger that has resulted in your son's defiance. Maybe there was a prominent situation that resulted in the negativity.

A change in family dynamics, a residential move, or a conflict with a peer or an authority figure could have triggered the difference in your son's behavior. Understand that what your son and his counselor speak about won't be revealed in entirety. Your child has rights to his privacy and deserves to feel comfortable while speaking in confidence. You will be briefed, however, and this will help you make some adjustments at home that will assist with providing the support that your son needs.

New Activities

Being around others who are going through some difficult situations and participating in new, challenging activities can help your son modify his behavior. Sometimes, it is nice to be able to spend time with people who are not judgmental or to have fun while trying a new sport or learning a new skill. Your child's counselor may recommend that your son signs up for extracurricular activities via a center that caters to troubled youth.

For an extreme case, in which your son has been getting in trouble with the law or has been expelled from school, you may be advised to enroll your loved one in a residential facility. A school that caters to boys who have behavioral issues will offer your son a chance to take back his life and regain his former personality.

Accommodations, meals, classes, and outdoor activities may be included with your child's tuition. There will be plenty of time to focus on goals, make lifelong friends, and explore what the world has to offer. You will be included in this journey and will be encouraged to visit your son often.


24 February 2020

Talking About Your Problems

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