2 Types of Childbirth Classes & Their 3 Major Benefits


If you are expecting a baby soon, you may be thinking about what you can do to become better prepared, especially for the birthing process itself. This is why you may consider taking childbirth classes. If this is something that you want to do, you will want to be sure that you know about the different types of classes and the benefits of taking one altogether.

1. Lamaze Childbirth Classes: Lamaze childbirth classes are the most popular, which teaches pregnant moms about the different types of breathing techniques to use during labor. These classes also involve your partner who will learn supporting techniques that will help to keep you relaxed during labor and remembering to use your breathing techniques.

You will also learn about different positions you can be in during birth and even breastfeeding techniques, which are helpful to know for the process of delivery, as well. 

2. Bradley Childbirth Classes: The Bradley technique classes teaches pregnant women how to use their breathing and sleeping patterns for the process of labor. This involves deep breathing, which is going to help you avoid panting during labor. Deep breathing provides physical comfort during labor and helps to keep your mind quiet so that you can focus solely on pushing. This is an especially helpful approach for women who may not have a partner supporting them in the delivery room during labor. 

The Three Benefits

  1. Socialization: When you are taking these classes, you are going to have the benefit of socializing with other couples taking the classes. This is helpful to provide you with extra support during this life-changing event. You can even make long-term friends and your children can grow up together. Having friends who have children around the same age is helpful for your kids early development, as well. 
  2. Support for the Father: For the fathers, the experience of childbirth is much different. Many even believe that fathers don't even need support during this time like women do. However, this is not the case. When you attend these childbirth classes, your partner is going to get support they need to better understand how to help you when you are in labor. 
  3. Feeling of Control: Leading up to the days when you will be giving birth, you can be nervous and unsure about how it is all going to work. When you take childbirth classes, you are going to have a better feeling of control, which in turn is going to make you more comfortable about giving birth. 

Ensure that you and your partner are ready for the latest addition to the family. Consult with resources like Pregnancy Resources to learn more about parenting and pregnancy classes.


13 March 2015

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