Marrying A Liar: Can Your Relationship Survive?


If you find yourself married to a compulsive liar, you may wonder why you never noticed any symptoms before you walked down the aisle. Compulsive liars are not always easy to spot. Lying is a way of life for them, and their stories often fool even the most discerning people. Finding out that the person you love is a chronic liar can be devastating to your relationship. Whether or not your marriage can survive will depend on two things: if your spouse is willing to seek some help, like marriage counseling from My Marriage First, and if you're willing to be supportive of them and understanding of their issues

24 February 2015

Family Counseling When One Sibling Has Special Needs


Having a special needs child is just as much of a blessing as a child who develops normally, but that doesn't mean it's easy to take care of them. In addition to the difficulties associated with caring for a child who has special needs, the stress of doing so can take its toll on the entire family. This is particularly true for the siblings of a child with special needs, who may feel as if they are ignored or don't get as much attention as they would like to receive and for parents who feel the stress of constant caregiving.

20 February 2015